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Eliot Garza has spent 18 years as an industry leader helping clients throughout Texas scale their businesses through innovative online strategies and creative business solutions.

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“Always Live as a Student, Teach Those in Need and Profess to All.”

- Eliot Garza -

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Through decades of personal experience, Eliot knows that in business, retention is key. His relationships with clients aren’t based on monthly meetings or occasional zoom calls but rather on meaningful personal relationships and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. 

 When you partner with Eliot, he will first take the time to understand your organization, culture, and unique needs. He will then work with his team of experts to tailor a marketing strategy specifically for your business. And finally, he will be there throughout the lifetime of that relationship to continually provide coaching and mentorship, ensuring you receive the most value possible from your training. 

Double referrals, upgrade your clientele, delegate more effectively & increase time for friends and family. Call for your free consultation with Eliot today. 

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The Evolution of Digital Marketing Is Constantly Changing. Are You Ready?

  • Increased Confidence

    Increase confidence with better preparation. Our training will give you the focus and mind shift you need to maintain control in challenging situations and achieve clarity for better decision-making.  

  • Increased Knowledge​​​​​​​

    While we can’t all be experts in every arena, there is no need to “fake it till you make it.” Honing your skills in critical areas will give you the business acumen you need to reach next-level success. We’ll give you the power to sell, close, persuade, and create influence within your key audience. Get the skill set you need to invite trust and boost confidence in your target market.

  • Increased Production

    Learn what I did to grow my company from the ground up to a multi-million dollar enterprise in one of the most competitive markets in the world. No challenge is too great, and no competition is too fierce when you have the right team behind you. 

  • Increased Closing Rate​​​​​​​

    Completely understand how I prepare, fact find, get micro-commitments, and close more deals than anyone in my space. I’m here to help you find your path to increased success with an actionable plan and proven business solutions.

What They’re Saying

Eliot is amazing!! His knowledge, the amount of experience and his personality sold me! He makes results happen!!! I would and do recommend him for your next marketing agency!

Samantha AguirreEntrepreneur

I can't recommend Media Source LLC enough! Over the last year they have truly stepped up their game and have been phenomenal partners in our marketing efforts! Three months with Eliot Garza and team has paid for our entire year of marketing with the ROI. Don't walk... run to sign up with Media Digital Source!

Angie KauffmanSouth Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital

Medial Digital Source has been fantastic in marketing and organizing my different businesses. Very receptive and have great ideas. 5 star I have not been disappointed.

Mathew ThomasEntrepreneur

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack Graham

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