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Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Partners with CYRx MD Skincare

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CYRx MD Skincare was started by Dr Steven Cyr and wife, LeAnn Cyr, as a personal mission to help his patients with post-surgical scarring and his wife with her on-going battle with Melasma.

“My focus as a spine surgeon is revision surgery, so I often do surgery on patients with unsightly scars from previous failed surgeries. I have looked for years for ways to minimize the appearance and discoloration of surgical scars. I’ve used Vit E, coco butter, silicone pads, you name it, to treat scars,” states Dr Cyr. “Additionally, I sought products to reverse the aging process and sun damage as well as the darkening of skin after pregnancy that my wife, and many others, battle unsuccessfully.”

The CYRx MD brand has been well received with many customers reporting successful results. “The products are cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals and common allergens,” states CEO, LeAnn Cyr, which she believes has contributed to the skincare line’s success.

Dr Cyr, an avid fitness fanatic, plans on unveiling their line of nutrition products this fall. CYRx MD Nutrition will serve as a counterpart to their skincare line and as the next step in the creation of “wellness products” to help patients and people alike.

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