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Maintaining Business Focus in an Ever-Noisy World

By March 19, 2021 April 22nd, 2022 No Comments

If you’ve ever watched athletes line up on the track before a 100-yard sprint, you’ll notice the level of focus on their faces. The stadium could be packed to the brim, noise blaring from all corners, but each runner’s attention is squarely on the track ahead. That’s the same approach you ought to employ when running your business. As a business owner, here’s how to maintain productivity amid all the unnecessary distractions.

Create a Conducive Work Space

Clutter is one of those things that can creep in subtly. It’s not uncommon to walk into a busy office and find files and work materials scattered all over. A cluttered workspace translates to a cluttered mind, making it all the more difficult to focus. Declutter regularly and allow your workspace to set the tone for your mental space.

Set Aside Unnecessary Bits of Tech

In a world of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, it gets hard to miss all the incessant notifications. All the minor pings and vibrations seem almost unavoidable. While emails and social media updates are an important part of normal business operations, make a habit of switching off unnecessary bits of tech. Mastering your technology is a great way to ensure maximum productivity and focus. 

Design an Effective Work Schedule

Time is a precious resource. Minutes or hours lost to distractions can never be replaced. One of the biggest takeaways from Parkinson’s law is that workers may often achieve the same output in less time, and all it takes is a constructive work schedule. Learn to filter your business’s projects through the time you have in short intervals where you’re intentional about work.

Be an Early Bird

Fun fact, successful people are early risers. Why? The most fruitful hours of the day are the first few hours after getting out of bed. Studies show that waking up between 6 and 6.30 a.m. results in the highest overall percentage increase in productivity. Getting up before the rest of the world makes it easier to have a jump start on the day and lower any distracting clitter and clamor. 

In a Nutshell

Ultimately, focus boils down to shutting off the world and keeping your eyes on productivity. As precious as time is, it’s a notoriously easy resource to mishandle. Line out your business’s objectives and follow through. Remember, the key lies in always staying true to FOCUS – “Follow one course until successful.”

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