Edwards Consulting Group-Designing Solutions For Better Organizational Synergy

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Edwards Consulting Group-Designing Solutions For Better Organizational Synergy

Edwards Consulting Group (ECG) is a San Antonio based Human Resources Consulting Company. Quintin and Dr. Tiffany Edwards, SPHR co-founders of ECG agree that their company exists to maximize the potential of all clients by providing straightforward business solutions. “We exercise responsible fiscal management, deliver superior candidates, quality services, and expert business solutions.”

Dr. Tiffany Edwards, SPHR is the CEO and co-founder of ECG. She is a multi-talented professional with a dynamic leadership style and a proven ability to maximize organizational success. Having served private corporations, government agencies, and the United States Air Force as a service Veteran, Tiffany has what it takes to partner with all organizational levels to accomplish shared objectives.

She specializes in human resources consulting, training and employee coaching, project management, and talent acquisition in addition to performance management and policy design to ensure compliance.

In addition, she earned a Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and has additional credentials in Lean Six Sigma and OSHA as well as a Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) certification.

These endeavors have advanced her knowledge and skills in human resources to help businesses thrive. She said, “San Antonio is a very friendly military city so that factored into our decision to move here.” Tiffany continued, “Both Quintin and I know how hard it is to actually find a job when you get out of the military.

We felt that when we moved to the military city of the U.S.A., it would be easier to find a job. That was not the case. It was actually more difficult to find a job than we originally thought regardless of how many credentials you have behind your name.”

Quintin is the Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of ECG. He is a dynamic leader and speaker who has served private corporations, government agencies, and the United States Air Force as a service Veteran. Quintin has over 12 years of management consulting experience and 8 years of Human Resources consulting experience including recruiting, staff augmentation, Regulatory Compliance, ER and Safety processes with government integrators and private corporations.

Quintin is very personable and adaptable to any situation. He has reviewed thousands of resumes, revamped hundreds of job descriptions to properly align the position with the organization and role functions, and successfully assisted organizations in placing hundreds of life sciences, IT, and administrative professionals.

He said, “When we first moved to San Antonio and we were both looking for jobs, we thought that people would call us quickly and that was not the case at all. It was the type of situation where we were both lost. We knew what we were worth so that is how our business really started.”

Tiffany elaborated, “We have had to overcome challenges that affected our journey to success. Since we didn’t have generational wealth, we had to work a lot harder. We had bills to pay; we had to make time for meetings; we always made time for our son and for each other. There have been a number of instances where there was not enough time, but it was worth it, and I wouldn’t trade our lives and our business for anything else.”

The Edwards duo said that they provide a number of services. “Right now, we would have to say training is the big one because of COVID. The virtual and remote learning is critical because of the pandemic and we got onboard right away.” Training, employment, staffing, and more are what the Edwards team is all about.

Mainly, the staffing is in the healthcare industry but Edwards Consulting Group ventures into I.T. and other areas. Tiffany said, “Someone would chose a smaller H.R. service such as ours because you get a more personable approach and we make sure that our clients know that they are not just a number.” She added, “We like to treat people as though they are family. We have more of a family approach, and we take care of all or our clients. At Edwards Consulting Group, we are not trying to price gauge you because obviously everyone wants to make money.

But we also want you to be happy and we want you to come back.” Quintin feels that people choose Edward Consulting Group because they are honest people. “We come into your business and we can help improve inefficiencies that you may have. The types of clients that we service range from banking, finance, technology, and we are very heavily invested in the healthcare market.”

He continued, “We have clients from security companies to large banking organizations. We can dive into almost any business and help, but our expertise is definitely in the healthcare sector.”

The founders of ECG have a strong background in healthcare, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), and training. The combined 45 plus years of expertise of the team allows Edwards Consulting Group to assist their clients in building a qualified staff and discovering strategies that improve service.

The ECG key focus areas include culture redesign, niche medical, professional, administrative, and IT staffing, manager and employee training, team building workshops, HR audits and process improvement analysis, outsourced HR support, and small business payroll processing.

Tiffany Edwards emphasized, “If you are interested in any of our services in the Human Resource area, including employment staffing and executive coaching or training, we would love to hear from you.”

Quintin Edwards concluded, “If you need any help finding a job, or if you are looking for a new opportunity, please give us a call.”

Edwards Consulting Group is here to help clients find what they are looking for so that all customers are happy. When clients are happy, the ECG team knows that they did their job the right way which translates into the best way because that is the only way that Tiffany and Quintin Edwards promote.

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