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 Digital Marketing: Three Universal Social Media Rules

By April 28, 2021 April 22nd, 2022 No Comments

Many brands realize the importance of digital marketing, and social media is a crucial part of that. However, getting social media right takes a certain amount of knowledge and know-how. The following article aims to provide some universal social media rules to live by for the best success.


  1. Stay active

The simple fact is you can’t be successful on social media if you only post occasional content. You also need to add value to your audience, so posting promotional posts the whole time generally doesn’t do that. Aim to have a solid social media plan to ensure you add value and stay active.

Brands often make the mistake of attempting to manage their social media post by post. Of course, it’s noble to post the most relevant content each day based on what is popular. However, it’s likely you will only feel like posting on social media on certain days, and then you end up with inconsistent content. Therefore, it’s a far better idea to schedule your content in advance and then add other posts if you feel you want to. If you do your social media this way, you will be consistent with a minimum amount of content each day.


  1. Create engaging content

The type of social media content for each platform may vary, but some universal rules are still followed. One of the most important is to create the most engaging content you can, and there are different ways you can do this. For example, you can create engaging content based on current trends but keep in mind there is a lot of competition. 

You can also engage based on the images and text that you use, experiment with different ideas in this area until you find something that works. Remember, the most successful brands on social media usually have a lot of engaging content and use images a lot. Take a look at your social media pages and think about if they would engage you if you were the customer.


  1. Interaction is key

Another mistake brands often make is they spend too much time talking to themselves. The most successful brands on social media interact with their audience. Of course, this means creating content that encourages interactions and communicating with your fans when you get comments.

It’s also important to think beyond your own account and consider interacting with various users. Remember though, it’s not all about you, so don’t merely comment to post your website link on a social media page; always look to add value. Connecting with other brands can also work well because they may be happy to promote your business as long as you aren’t direct competitors.

Most brands now use social media, but it still takes a decent level of skill and know-how to get it right. Remember, although every platform is different, there are some universal social media rules. Therefore, this article has looked at some of them, so remember to stay active, create engaging content, and look for opportunities to interact.


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