Behind the Scenes With Lawrence Fishburne

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Behind The Scenes

With Lawrence Fishburne

The upcoming segment features patient Dora Cavazos, and her 3 adult children discussing how 7 failed spine surgeries by 5 different surgeons left her spine collapsed 90 degrees with screws visible through her skin. Her life had been a 15-year nightmare leaving her unable to sit upright, walk, sleep in a bed, or remember anything that transpired.

Her collapsed spine led to fluid filling her lungs and surrounding her heart with a poor prognosis for survival. In her daughter’s desperate attempt to find help, she went to SASpine’s Dr. Steven Cyr. Witness the emotional gut-wrenching story of pain and suffering leading ultimately to Dora regaining her life. Dr. Cyr states, “The main reason I’m a spine surgeon is visible in this patient.”

SASpine is a national leader in reconstructive and revision spine surgery. “Our clinic sees patients that are typically only treated in large academic facilities like the Mayo Clinic,” states CEO, LeAnn Cyr.

SASpine is one of the nation’s most elite spine practices. Their CMO, Steven J. Cyr, M.D., is a spine surgeon who has gained a reputation for surgical excellence in Texas, throughout the nation, and abroad. For more information visit or call (210) 487-7463 in San Antonio or (832) 919-7990 in Houston.