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Becoming a Hazmat Materials Remover

By March 16, 2021 April 22nd, 2022 No Comments

The post-industrial world will always be filled with dangerous substances that most people would do well to stay away from. Hazardous material (Hazmat) removers are trained and well suited to clean life-threatening messes and restore the affected areas to safety. 

So, what exactly is a hazardous material? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration considers a hazardous material as any object or chemical that can harm people, animals, or plants by way of a leak, spill, pumping, emitting or any other method of exposure. It can be dangerous work, which is why this industry requires 40 hours of OSHA standards training and even a permit in some states. Additionally, most employers require extensive on-the-job training as well.  

Working as a hazardous material remover is not going to make anyone rich. It can, however, provide an above-average lifestyle in many states. The average salary for these workers is just over $42,000 annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many workers with additional licensing such as a CDL can greatly exceed this salary. The industry is currently experiencing noticeable growth with an expected upswing of 11 percent through 2028. So there is room for newcomers. 

Once the decision is made to pursue a path in the hazmat industry, the next sequential step is for the applicant to scour the web for jobs in their desired area. Gas and petroleum companies, waste plants, dockyards, and transportation companies rely on the skills and expertise of hazmat removers.  A quick search on popular job sites yields hundreds of immediate results. Having a CDL will open even more doors and higher pay.

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